Our Cafe

We started out as a small, at-home catering business for families and friends.  We never intended to grow into a "real" restaurant.  But, with the encouragement of those very same family and friends, we started a restaurant founded on Lee's core cooking beliefs.  

Food must be fresh.

Food must be made from scratch.

Food must be served hot.

Back in the kitchen, these are jokingly called, "Lee's Laws" and they affect how we serve you every day.  

We strive to serve you the best fresh, hot, scratch-made food you've ever eaten!




Our Biscuits are made fresh every day.  We use fresh ingredients like real buttermilk, butter and cream cheese in every biscuit.  We make our biscuits by hand with no machinery.  The gentle, hand-made touch is what makes our biscuits soft and tender.  We believe it's worth every extra minute it takes.  Taste one and we think you'll agree!