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Butter My Biscuit Cafe

Scratch made, Southern Style

Fall Specials

Everything's fresh here at Butter My Biscuit

Another of our new menu options_ Lee’s Scramble- green chili cheese eggs on top of 2 homem



Hand-made espresso drinks & coffee


Lee    -    chef, mom, owner

Our cafe started with my love for cooking for family and friends.  I never imagined I'd ever cook professionally!  I cooked the way my mother and grandmothers did; for joy and family.  I created recipes through the years that I loved, and lucky for me, so did others!  My friends convinced me to cook professionally, and so I started a small, at home catering business.  After a couple years my husband, Brent, called to tell me he'd "found me a kitchen" next door to Bankston's, our original family business. Thus, Butter My Biscuit as a cafe was born. 

Since that time, I have stretched my catering legs to larger events and learned to run a restaurant kitchen.  Big steps for a 17 year stay at home mom!  I still make all our biscuits, soups, baked goods and entrees from scratch and I still cook with joy.  I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I enjoy creating it for you.


charcuterie catering.jpg

We love to cater in every way. One of our favorite trends has been the recent spike in Charcuterie boards. Charcuterie is available both in store and for catering. We would LOVE to cater your next event with one of these beautiful boards. 

Our chef, Lee, is known for creating unique, delicious, filling charcuterie boards form scratch. We can do themed boards- such as a Mexican theme, with spicy cheeses and meats, or a Sweet theme, filled with jams, fruity cheeses, and salami. It's all up to you! Fill out the form on our catering page to discuss themes and pricing with Lee.

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